Customisation Service

At MediTask we offer a made-to-order customisation service that encompasses the following:

  • Modifications – if you want modified versions of our current task trainers
  • Bespoke models – if you want us to create a task trainer for you
  • Other – for requests that don’t fall into the above

When you have read the relevant information below, scroll to the bottom and use the Customisation Form to submit a request. Please note, any intellectual property generated through the Customisation Service is owned by MEDISIM LTD (the company behind MediTask).


The modification can be for an entire model or just parts of it. Using the CICO model as an example, you may want the entire model to be 25% smaller to represent a smaller patient or you may want the skin to be thicker, and trachea and larynx to be deeper to represent a patient with more subcutaneous neck fat. When you have submitted a request we will email you for further clarification if required, or with an estimated price and completion date if the information provided was sufficient.

Bespoke models

If there is a specific procedure that you want a task trainer for, we will work with you to design and create it. Before submitting a request you should have a good idea of:

  • The procedure that the model is for
  • What the requirements are for the model (e.g. ultrasound-compatible, disposable)
  • An approximate budget
  • The quantity of models required
  • How involved you want to be in the creation process

When filling out the form please include all of the above in the description. After submitting the form:

  1. We review the information and decide whether the request is achievable, what we need to do it, how much it will cost, and how long it will take
  2. We schedule a free consultation with you to discuss the project further (we all love shared decision making)
  3. If everyone is happy to proceed, we create a written agreement with information like a payment schedule, deadline for completion, how the prototypes will be tested, how the final product will be delivered to you, etc.
  4. We make the task trainer(s) in accordance with the agreement and provide regular updates if desired


If you have a request that doesn’t fall into either of the above categories, please use the form to request it and mark it as ‘Other’. At MediTask we have a broad range of skills and knowledge that we may be able to apply in different ways to help you, including:

  • Medicine and medical simulations
  • Radiological imaging manipulation (particularly CT scans)
  • 3D modelling and printing
  • Use of tissue-mimicking materials such as RTV silicone, gelatin, silicone tubing

Customisation Form

To request a customisation please fill out and submit the form below. Alternatively access the form in a new tab by clicking here.